10 things guys must have/do before prom (A male’s perspective)


Nat Alder, Web Editor

Girls always seem super prepared for Prom. Guys, ‘eh. Not so much. So, it is my duty to give you some advice that will hopefully work out for you at City High Prom 2012. Here is a list of 10 things us guys must do in order to be ready for prom. I’ll see you on the other side.

  • Tux – This one should go without saying. You need some sort of suit/tux in order to look fly when “slow-dancing”(grinding) on the dance floor. The sharper you look, the more your date will appreciate it.
  • Corsage – No, this isn’t one of those old fashioned lingerie dresses from the 1800’s, that’s what I used to think they were. These are special flowers that you, brace yourself, BUY for your date (a recurring theme here) so they can look all special and flower-y and what not.
  • A Restaurant Reservation – Yeah, you need to be able to eat before Prom. And by a restaurant reservation, I’m not talking about the Coral Ridge Food Court. Stay classy, get a reservation somewhere fancy. If some of the words on the menu are in French, then you know you’ve gone above and beyond. Your spending limit.
  • Dancing Skills – Seriously, if you don’t know how to dance, or you just don’t want to dance, then stay home, because this isn’t some place for sissies. Even if you don’t like it, you have to dance with your date. But for those of you that aren’t so good, don’t worry! There’s still a couple of days to get your moves down. Good luck.
  • Prom Ticket – Oh, yeah. You probably need one of these. You might want to get one for your date too.
  • Transportation – The better transportation you have, the cooler you will look, at least depending on what kind of person your date is. If you’re sporting a bike(the non – motor kind), or one of those paddle-wavey-skate boards, you just oughta stay home and watch ‘Jersey Shore’, ‘cause chances are, your date will just, you know, not want to go with you.
  • A good camera – Pay attention, ‘cause this is key. Make sure you/your parents/whoever is taking pictures of you has a good camera, because the pictures taken of you will be kept forever, and before you know it, your grandkids could be commenting on how ‘Don’t worry Grandpa, the camera adds 10 pounds anyways.’  As long as it’s a nice camera, and you don’t make a doofus face, you could end up being proud of those moments, the ones that soon become trapped in time.
  • Some sort of cologne – This shouldn’t be a hard concept. If you smell good, people might treat you well. Might. Just wear cologne.
  • Watch ‘The Vow’ – For perfect example of how to treat a woman that barely knows you, assuming you just asked your date out of the blue, like a lot of guys do. No, seriously, every girl ever conceived has seen this movie. And they love it. And SO DO YOU, right?
  • Grooming – So, if you’re like me, grooming isn’t exactly in your day to day vocabulary. But for prom, you may want to make an exception. Make your hair look good. Floss. Tweeze your eyebrows, if you must. Remember to always shave downward. Make sure there is no hair on your back.

So there you have it. Not so bad, right? Maybe a few changes here and there, and you’re set to be the best prom date EVER MADE.