Buri and Nicholson lead the Little Hawks against Jefferson

Anton Buri '15 and Adam Nicholson '15 with their two goals lead the team to success on the difficult field of Cedar Rapids Jefferson


Caroline Brown

Adam Nicholson receives a pass in the first half

Marco Barenghi

After defeating Dubuque Senior 4-0 on home turf, the City High boy’s varsity soccer team continued their streak by winning 2-0 at Cedar Rapids Jefferson.

“It was very windy yesterday, and with the new turf field we got very comfortable on the turf, and now playing in the grass is challenging for us,” Anton Buri ’15 said.

The rough and uneven grass field posed a problem for the team and when combined with wind caused the ball to bounce unexpectedly, which caused some possession problems. These conditions also hindered the team’s ability to play in the “tiki-taka” style that they are used to.

Injuries and cards posed further problems for the team in the game.

“We have a lot of injuries right now, and having big games soon on the schedules it was necessary to rest these players, but this made the game more difficult. There were also a lot of yellow cards and some of our key-players had to sit for 10 minutes,” Buri said.

The first half ended 0-0. The Little Hawks put away few chances to score, but made adjustments in the second half like bringing captain Adam Nicholson ’15 as a forward. At about the 15th minute Anton Buri scored the first goal after he got the ball in a scrum in Jefferson’s box.

Finally, with ten seconds on the clock Minhall Abdelgallil ’14 shot and hit the hand of an opponent player, resulting a penalty kick that Nicholson didn’t miss.