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By Michael Hunter and Will Benson
6’2 Andrew McNulty vs. 6’0 Connor Bravard
McNulty passed for 66 yards on 16 completions against Bettendorf. City High primarily made use of the their smash mouth style running game en route to a 21-7 victory over Bettendorf. Bravard, who is Dowling Catholic’s key player had one passing touchdown out of his 16 completions. Bravard, who is also a scrambling threat, ran for 136 yards on 23 attempts and scored twice.

5’8 Cedric Readus vs. 6’0 Dalton Parrot
Readus who has been eligible for eight games has already rushed for 813 yards and may break 1000 against Dowling. Readus led City High in rushing against Bettendorf with 135 yards on 24 attempts. Readus broke away 43 yards to put the Little Hawks on the score board just before halftime. Dowling Catholic’s Parrot just broke over 1000 yards this season in the semi-final game against Ankeny. Parrot rushed for 128 yards on 17 attempts for a 24-21 victory over Ankeny.

6’0 Connor Alberhasky vs. 5’8 Eric Lee
Alberhasky, the Little Hawks main deep threat, has compiled 30 receptions for 595 yards and 4 touchdowns. The small but speedy Dowling WR Eric Lee leads the team in receving yards with 626 on 39 receptions and 8 scores.

6’0 Jasper Washinton vs. 6’2 Amara Darboh
The hard hitting junior wideout has recorded 10 catches for 203 yards and 3 touchdowns for the Little Hawks. Washington also makes his presence felt on D, with a 44 yard touchdown off a fumble recovery against Bettendorf. For Dowling,  Division I recruit Amara Darboh has racked up the stats, posting 43 targets for 552 yards and caught 6 TD’s.

Freshman Drew Cornwell vs. Senior Mac Chapman
Both Cornwell and Chapman went 3 for 3 in PAT in their semi final games. Cornwell has made 53 out of 61 PAT this season with his longest field goal being 36 yards. Chapman’s longest field goal had been 46 yards and has made 65 out of 67 PAT attempts this season.

Defensive Players to Watch

City High
Amos Lavela 70 solo tackles 103 total tackles two forced fumbles
Zach Swehla 50 solo tackles 80 total tackles two interceptions
Jeremy Johnson 28 solo tackles 41 total tackles eight interceptions
Todd Turner 26 solo tackles 63 total tackles one interception and one forced fumble
Kye Grenko 23 solo tackles 44 total tackles
Jasper Washington 23 solo tackles 31 total tackles one interception
Ryan Kroeze 22 solo tackles 37 total tackles one forced fumble
Bobby Millard 21 solo tackles 29 total tackles

Dowling Catholic
Ben Boeson 47 solo tackles 62 total tackles one forced fumble
Tommy Miller 40 solo tackles 72 total tackles
Tommy Munro 35 solo tackles 61 total tackles
Jason McMurray 35 solo tackles 59 total tackles
Matt Eganhouse 30 solo tackles 49 total tackles
Ty Flood 28 solo tackles 50 total tackles

Mikey & Will’s Prediction:

City 28 Dowling 21