Student Senate Announces Prom Theme

Lucy Wagner, Reporter

Student Senate has released “Paris Nights” as the 2016 prom theme.

“[Student Senate and I] chose a group of prom themes and vetted them a little,” Christine Lewers, coordinator of prom, said. “Student Senate chose Paris Nights. I’m getting quite excited about the theme, I think it will be really cool. There can be lots of lights and Eiffel Towers on the tables, as well as using Paris colors and lots of tea lights.”

A new policy has been implemented regarding prom. Students with three unexcused absences to any one class or ten unexcused absences total will not be allowed to attend prom. An unexcused absence is defined as arriving more than ten minutes late to a class or not attending class at all.

Prom will be held at Hotel Vetro on Saturday May 7th. More details to come.