Kirkwood and UI Potentially Offering Two New Classes at City and West

Lucy Wagner, Web Executive

Approximately 1.051 billion people speak Mandarin Chinese in the world, and soon City High and West High students may have the opportunity to learn the language. Kirkwood and the University of Iowa will potentially offer two dual classes, “First Year Chinese” and “How College Works”, for the 2016-2017 year based on student interest levels.

“The school district was interested in collaborating with the University of Iowa to offer some PSEO-type classes on [City High] campus,” City High principal John Bacon said.

Due to the new bell schedule set for the upcoming year (8:50 am – 4 pm), the classes will be offered before school during zero hour.

Interested students can sign up in the Main Office. The classes will only be offered if enough students show interest in the courses.

“If there is enough interest in the classes, we will see what the next steps are,” Mr. Bacon said. “I would love to see Chinese offered at City.”