Q&A with Basketball Player Mikayla Lacey

Senior Mikayla Lacey talks about her experiences with Basketball.


Bella Pittman

Mikayla Lacey ’17 and Sydney Schroder ’17 warm up before City took on West.

Anna Roemerman and Corbin Nguyen

Anna Roemerman: How long have you been playing basketball?

Mikayla Lacey: I’ve played on a team since 6th grade but I started shooting hoops and playing 1-v-1 when I was much younger.

AR: How has basketball impacted your life?

ML: It’s helped me make new friends and get involved both at City High and in the community. The team dynamic is a big part of the game and I think it’s taught me to be a better teammate in all sports.

AR: What’s your favorite part about basketball?

ML: My favorite part is definitely connecting with my teammates and getting to know them. I also think it’s a very rewarding sport, especially when you make a 3-pointer or a really hard shot.

AR: What do you feel you contribute most to the team?

ML: I think that I definitely bring the goofy fun aspect to the team. Sometimes during intense games, the team can get quiet, but I try my best to keep everyone up and excited.

AR: What kinds of challenges do you face with basketball?

ML: For me I mostly struggle with shooting and staying focused at practices. It’s a fun environment so it’s easy to get off track.

AR: Do you plan on doing anything with basketball in the future?

ML: I’m sure I’ll still play it from time to time or something but so far my plans don’t involve anything with basketball but who knows, maybe I’ll coach in the future.

AR: What advice would you give to people who want to play basketball but don’t know where to start?

ML: Just get out there. Get as much practice time in as you can. Every little thing adds up and can help make you a better player. One thing I wish I had done for basketball is been involved in it competitively sooner. I think I would’ve benefitted a lot from that.