City Shuts Out Davenport North


Olivia Baird, Reporter

City High Girls Soccer geared up to face their opponents, Davenport North. City High, who’s record this season was 3-1, played Davenport with a record of 1-3. The City High team suited up in their all white home uniforms and hit the turf.

Kickoff was at noon,  and City immediately started to create opportunities in front of the goal. The sophomore, Samantha Schroder settled a bouncy ball in the box and Madeline Pugh ’19 finished the ball. Pugh makes the game 1-0. City is fouled around the 30 yard line and are given a direct kick. Senior, Grace Brown ’17, takes the kick and serves the ball into the box where is bounces into the back of the goal past Davenport’s goalie. At halftime, the score remains 2-0.

During the second half, City High controlled the ball and made Davenport exhausted, chasing after the ball. Sydney Deprenger ’18 sends a great ball into the box from the outside of this field and Sophie Van Meter ’17 finishes the ball to put City up 3-0. City High ended up keeping the score 3-0 and shutout Davenport North. City had 24 shots on goals compared to the 2 saves Naomi Meurice ’19, the City High goalie, had to make.

City High prepares to face Cedar Rapids Washington High School, Tuesday April 18th at Kingston Stadium. The game is at 7:30 PM.