The Cultured Corner: April 2019


Mariam Keita

The Cultured Corner is a column on pop culture where we bring you the news that students are talking about, from the students themselves, in their own words.

On rapper Nipsey Hussle’s Murder



“I believe Nipsey Hussle died because he was about to expose the government. He wanted to expose the government with his documentary about Dr. Sebi who had the cure for AIDS. Let me explain: if he in his own neighborhood around all the people that love him and that he helps, why would they just randomly kill him? Why would his own people just randomly kill him? They try to make it seem like it was gang-related but it wasn’t.”

~Dwayne Walkins Jr ‘19

On Cardi B confessing to drugging clients while working as a stripper




“Before Cardi B was a rapper, she was a stripper, but she drugged her clients and robbed them. A lot of people are defending her about it and saying, ‘She had to do what she had to do especially living in the Bronx and being a stripper,’ but it’s like, no, she didn’t have to drug people. The situation holds the same dangerous demeanor to it as Bill Cosby, because he drugged and raped people; even though rape is different than [robbery], it is still bad [o]n a different level. You didn’t have to drug these people to rob them. If you were bold enough, you should have robbed them in the open. Also, people are giving her immunity because she is light skinned and her music and what she portrayed. Since Bill Cosby was put in jail and pushed away from the community, that should happen to Cardi B too.”

~Daijonna Glee ‘20



On the Jussie Smollett case




“Jussie Smollett was trying to get awareness because people were hating him for being a black man and gay. It turned out that Chicago Police said that he hired two people to fight him or harass him because he was a black man and gay and I guess the police department thought that he was using this as a way to get clout…or more famous than he already was. Then they found him innocent. At first, I felt like it was horrible, because when you want to bring awareness and bring positivity you shouldn’t do it in a negative way. Maybe he did it or not, [but] that is still not the way to bring awareness to something.”

~Virginia Muturi ‘19



On the College Scandal




“The college scandal is when rich parents are bribing the admission officers so the kids could have an advantage during the admission process. Two people in the scandal are the two actresses. Becky from “Full House” paid half a million dollars to have her daughters be recruited to USC. Felicity [Huffman] paid someone $5,000 to change her daughter’s ACT scores. I have mixed feeling about it. One, it’s wrong [that] there are kids who have been working their butt off all four years of high school and staying up late until four in the morning to finish homework, then there’s this rich person who comes and takes that opportunity away from them. At the same time–I’m not condoning their behavior; obviously, what they did was wrong–as a parent, you want the best for your kids. I am also pissed that the two actresses are the header of the whole scandal while it has been happening for years.”

~Angel Sila ‘19