Midwinter Band Concert Update

What you should know before going to City High’s annual Midwinter Band Concert on February 25.


Victoria Weckmann

Inforgraphic created by Victoria Weckmann.

Victoria Weckmann, Advertisement Editor

On Tuesday, February 25, the band program through City High School will be hosting their annual Midwinter Band Concert at 7:30 in Opstad Auditorium, where all bands will be showcasing what they have been working on this year.

“I’m very excited for this upcoming performance. I think that wind ensemble’s set for this showis very exciting and diverse, and I’m always excited to play with the band,” said Evan McElroy ‘21, a musician in the wind ensemble.

McElroy does not feel totally ready for this performance, but despite this he is still excited.

“I think that we could be more prepared, but the concert will definitely be good,” McElroy said. “The pieces that the wind ensemble will play are ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ by Percy Grainger, which is a fun, light, and fast type of march, ‘Homage to Barat,’ which is an Indian-styled piece that really grooves in the middle, ‘Shenandoah,’ which is a slow ballad about the Shenandoah River, and ‘Abram’s Pursuit,’ which is an awesome tour de force.”

There will also be some soloists and performers for the audience to look out for throughout the show.

“There are several solos, some of these being Nolan Vibhaker, Monique Schnoeblen, and Grace Parrot,” McElroy said.