Film Fest to be Presented by Art Club

Lucy Wagner and Maya Durham

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Mr. Sabers’ room and a big-screen TV became the site of the first-ever City High Film Fest. More than 20 years later, City continues to provide students with the opportunity to submit amateur films for their classmates to view.  

“I’m so excited for [this year’s Film Fest]. Film Fest is the coolest thing at City High,” Joseph Cress ‘16, president of Art Club, said. “It’s not like Prom or Homecoming where you have to go out and get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant. You just show up to City High wearing some silly costume and watch amateur films made by your friends.”

This year, Film Fest will take place in Opstad Auditorium at 7:00 PM on May 6. Price is yet to be determined. Cress recommends viewers purchase a button to show their support for Art Club and the festival.

Films may be submitted up until April 29th. Art Club, who traditionally hosts Film Fest, will then decide which films to be shown.

“The majority of films are accepted,” Cress said. “The only films which would not be accepted would be foreign films without subtitles.”

Cress believes Film Fest gives many students a unique opportunity.

“[My favorite part about Film Fest] is the creativity that accompanies it,” Cress said. “A lot of kids who might not have time for an art class get to show their creative side.”