Q&A with Actress Camilla Strathearn

With City High’s production of Grease right around the corner, Camilla Strathearn gives insight into becoming Sandy Olsson.


Lucy Wagner

Strathearn rehearses “Hopelessly Devoted To You” during set change.

Lucia Wagner: How and when did you first become interested in acting?

Camilla Strathearn: I would say around 6th grade. My older siblings were always involved in theater, and my parents actually met in a play.


LW: What is your favorite part about acting?

CS: I love being able to play a variety of different characters and step outside of myself.


LW: What are some of your favorite plays you have performed in?

CS: West Side Story, Beauty and the Beast, Footloose, Into the Woods.


LW: Who is one of your favorite actresses?

CS: I really like Emma Watson. I love everything she does.


LW: What inspired you to audition for Grease?

CS: In general, I love being in musicals. I had the goal in mind to try out for Sandy and I thought it was fitting because I’m the new girl at a new school.


LW: How did it feel when you found out that you were cast as the lead female role, Sandy?

CS: Honestly, I didn’t think I would get the role. I was very excited!


LW: What are you most excited about for Grease? Is there anything you are nervous about?

CS: I always love the song “Summer Nights” – I listened to that a lot as a kid. That will probably be my favorite scene. I wouldn’t say I’m a very strong dancer in general, so that will be difficult!


LW: What would be your dream acting project?

CS: I would love to be in Anastasia one day.


LW: Do you wish to pursue acting in the future?

CS: Possibly musical theater, but I would prefer choir.


LW: Do you have any tips for anyone interested in acting?

CS: Try and analyze your character. Try and get inside the head of the character as well as understanding their thought-process.


LW: How do you feel you personally connect to Sandy?

CS: I’m the new girl here at City High. Sandy is new and I understand how it feels to be in new school and the combination of nervousness and excitement, as well as making new friends.