Boys Continue to Improve in Loss to Trojans

The City High boys fell to the Trojans 38-82. The game allowed the Little Hawks to showcase how they have improved in the last month since previously taking the floor against the Trojans.

Jonathan House, Sports Editor

Many people who came out to see the rematch of City High and West High’s boys teams didn’t expect a close game, however, they did get to see a City High team that was more competitive and has shown improvement since the last time the two teams met. It was a game that City High coach Derek Roberts was able to use as a way to measure where his team is at and how far it has come since the Little Hawks lost 78-27 to the Trojans in December.

“It’s a measuring stick of where we need to be or where we need to eventually  get. Obviously, it’s not gonna happen over one season. In terms of experience for these younger guys, it’s immense,” City High head coach Derek Roberts said. “They get the opportunity to get out there and compete against some of the best athletes and the best team in the state, you can learn from your mistakes, you can learn from other’s mistakes and it’s just great for them.”

The Little Hawks trailed the whole game 46-16 at the half, but didn’t give up and scored 22 points against the Trojans in the second half before falling 38-82. Chuck Johnson ’17, who didn’t play in the first game, led City High with 14 points.

“We improved with our fight, our overall attitude. Everybody on the bench was all in for 32 minutes. I was really proud of our effort out there tonight,” Roberts said.