The Little Hoax: Local Teen Furious Mom Wants Him to Stay Home and Study for AP Tests

Can Sheryl control her disobedient son?


Lucy Wagner

Charles “Chuck” Mahoney furiously studies last Friday night

IOWA CITY – Local teenager Charles “Chuck” Mahoney was furious last Friday night when his mother Sheryl forced him to stay home and study for the upcoming AP tests rather than Chuck spending his Friday night with his friends.

“Golly, she’s the worst,” Chuck said.

Sheryl was quick to defend her reasoning behind the decision.

“Every Friday night my Chucky goes out with his friends and plays Call of Duty,” Sheryl said. “As a mother, I feel like I need to get him in a healthy routine of pulling an all-nighter every once and awhile to study. God knows he will appreciate it in college.”

Chuck chimed in, determined to have the last word.

“Go away Mom!” Chuck said. “My name isn’t ‘Chucky!'”